Press Release: ESSENZA’s Essential Oil Difference

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Kent, WA – May 2014 – While medical professionals agree that frequent hand washing is the best defense against illness, all that sudsing up often comes with a downside: dry, flaky hands. Luckily, a new luxury hand soap line from Olympic Mountain Products, Essenza™, formulated with shea butter and essential oils, moisturizes skin while fighting yucky germs.

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the main causes of dry skin is harsh soaps and detergents. The medical establishment explains, “Many popular soaps and detergents strip moisture from your skin.” Thankfully Essenza™ luxury hand soap eliminates this oil-stripping propensity by incorporating a proprietary blend of essential oils, shea butter, and aloe into its formulation. As a result, it actually adds back moisture during hand washing rather than taking it away, leaving skin as soft and supple as nature intended.

Washing with Essenza™ is more than just cleansing, however. It is a total sensory experience. From touch to smell to sight, one’s senses are awakened as the Essenza™ experience flows from the bottle. From a visual standpoint, Essenza™ comes in a full spectrum of vibrantly colored bottles, depending on the essential oil it incorporates. Fragrances like French Lavender, Rosemary Mint, Pomegranate Acai, Pear Glace, South Pacific Waters and Mango Agave add soothing scents to the skin as they ultra-moisturize.

Not only is the inclusion of moisturizing ingredients like Shea butter, aloe, and natural botanicals what sets Essenza™ apart from other hand soaps, it is also what Essenza™ leaves out. The luxury hand soap contains no artificial colors or dyes, leaving hands happy. Consumers will notice a pleasant difference in hand moisture and fragrance following the first time they experience Essenza.

The luxuriating Essenza™ experience comes in 12 oz. (MSRP $3.99) and 16.9 oz. (MSRP $4.99) pump bottles and can be obtained nationally at Target, Walgreens and select Bed, Bath & Beyond stores, and online at Frequent hand washers who want softer skin and a more luxurious experience under the faucet can learn more about Essenza™ luxury hand soap online at

About Olympic Mountain Products
Olympic Mountain Products enjoys a three-decade track record of creating leading brands for companies and consumers across the globe. The company specializes in unique home fragrance options and top-shelf bath and body care products that inspire life. The latest addition to Olympic Mountain Products’ lineup is Essenza™ luxury hand soap.