Ce que les gens disent

"Affordable luxury is what we need in today's world of overpriced, unattainable items."

Kelly & Juan G.

"I discovered your products in an upscale restaurant washroom ....  While in the washroom, I noticed this classy looking hand soap dispenser by the sink and the amazing essence of it's contents. Upon returning to my table my charming companion actually commented on my wonderful 'cologne' . Fact was, I was not wearing any, just a vigorous hand wash with Essenza! It really is an exquisite product deserving a far better description than just ... soap. Good job you guys. I gotta track down a bottle or three for my house and gift giving."


"I love the candles. I regret not buying the wax warmers because I bet I would love them as well!! Loyal customer for sure! I even sent some down to Mexico for my family during the holidays!! Makes amazing gifts!"